Born in Calcutta, India, and having lived in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Goa, Hyderabad and Varanasi among other places, Atlanta based artist Debashri is a true blend of East and West.


Today, she is one of the few artists in the country, offering unique, lifelike alternatives to real flowers, created using the medium of clay.


Blessed with an artistically inclined family, Debashri’s enthusiasm for floral design resulted in the launch of her exclusive collection. She imbibed her parents’ love of flowers and at a young age started designing flower bouquets for her family and friends.


Wedding Flowers created by Debashri have been used in weddings all around the world, including ones held at  the luxurious Prestonfield House in Edinburgh, Scotland and the timeless classic, The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.  Known for her careful approach to style and luxury, Debashri studied and practiced her craft for years to become an established artist and instructor.


The Debashri brand reflects the desire to create a floral experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The amazingly light flowers  are carefully molded petal by petal and hand crafted with authentic touches.